Margo was present with me for the birth of my first child. I could not have asked for more soulful, loving, empowering and excellent guidance and care getting ready for birth. She is smart, well studied, passionate and one of the kindest people I know. I also love her honesty and sense of humor but those are just a bonus....
Margo was with me during a very long labor period. I will never forget her love and attention. Everyone should have that kind of presence available to them! I felt so safe and held in moments when I had to let go. She was there. Never does my sons birthday pass when I don’t think of Margo and the angel that she was to me at the time of my greatest need for support. You could not make a better choice of a wise woman to assist and support you in birth.
— Magnolia C
Margo is an amazing resource and birth keeper! I contacted her very late in my pregnancy and can only wish we had connected sooner. She provided compassionate, wise, and non-judgmental support for my birth journey. The continuity of care and her woman-centered approach was very much appreciated. I would highly recommend Margo to any expectant family!
— Jennifer V
Margo is a knowledgeable and loving birth keeper. She encouraged me to press on in my eating challenges during my pregnancy. She was a gentle support during labor. Her personal birth story with her daughter as well as her presence pushed me on when I was at the end of labor and losing focus. I will miss having her at my next birth.
— Jacque C
Margo has been and continues to be a ray of sunshine in a birth world filled with doubt and fear. I enjoyed our prenatal chats and always felt supported and left knowing that she believed in my ability to bring my child into the world surrounded by peace and love. Margo served our family in humility and grace. My husband was especially thankful for her presence and servant’s heart. We love you, Margo!
— Julie N
Margo is smart, well read, and intuitive, a rare mix! In my own experience with other midwives, they often take for granted that a + b = c. Margo is great at holding space for those times when that isn’t the case - questioning those superficial ideas, digging for information, and sitting humbly with the mystery when the time calls for that. Rather than being prescriptive about anything, Margo was so good at reflecting questions back to me and made sure I was always making my own choices. To help me with those choices, she researched topics for me, and got me plenty of high quality resources to read and digest. When Margo came to the house she was always present and nonjudgmental, and I always felt free to express myself fully. During the birth Margo was incredibly patient even when I was feeling stuck. She never tried to “fix” it for me - she reassured me that I could do it without trying to tell me how, and my experience was so empowering as a result. In labor, I gained confidence from being with another woman who gets it, and Margo GETS IT. After my baby was born, Margo was insistent (in a good way) about having great nutrition, plenty of rest, and honoring the sacred postpartum time. Margo is exceptional at finding information, being inquisitive and always wanting to get her clients the best information possible. You won’t regret hiring her to be your midwife.
— Vanessa