There are many women, planning all kinds of births, who have utilized “a la carte” prenatal sessions with me.  Consultations are always tailored to what you need, but here are a few examples of things we might cover.

  • Skills: I can help you learn and hone skills like feeling your baby's position, listening to your baby's heart beat, taking your own vitals, etc.
  • Testing Choices: We can talk over the testing and interventions that you are being offered and go through all the options as well as their risks and benefits.
  • Nutrition and Movement: I can take a look at your diet journal and talk about how to optimize your prenatal nutrition; we could even spend some time going to the grocery store, or cooking new recipes tailored to your needs.  
  • Emotional Support: We can talk about the emotional aspects of your pregnancy and I can point you towards resources to support you (sometimes just having someone listen and tell you what you are feeling is normal can make all the difference!).
  • Clarifying Your Birth Plan - We can work on your birth plan and strategize how best to get the birth you want.