I am very excited to offer monitrice services to families in the Duluth area.  A monitrice is similar to a doula in that she provides education during pregnancy and provides emotional and physical support to a laboring woman and her family.  She provides support for dealing with the sensations of labor, gives ideas when things seem difficult, helps navigate choices as they come up, and can optimize the way you and your partner work together during your birth experience. 

A monitrice is trained in additional skills so she can also provide more clinical support. I'm able to monitor vitals (blood pressure, pulse, temperature), listen to the baby's heart beat, and check for cervical dilation if desired, so that a family can feel confident and comfortable staying at home until it is time to transition to the hospital for the birth. Once we arrive at the hospital, the hospital staff assumes the clinical role and the montrice then acts as a doula, continuing to provide emotional, physical and educational support for the mom and her family.  Below is a more detailed description of what is included in my montrice services.

Holistic Childbirth Education

You'll have access to the 5 week childbirth course I co-created, either online or in person, whichever is most convenient for you. Women all over the world have taken and loved this series, as it is more in depth than most other classes (even practicing midwives have enjoyed taking it!), and leaves families feeling confident and knowledgable about the birth process.

Prenatal Meetings

We will meet 3-4 times prenatally to go over your pregnancy options, your birth plans, how I can best serve you and your unique needs, and to get comfortable with each other so that my presence will not be a disruption when labor day comes.  I am available by phone and email from the time you hire me until 2 weeks postpartum to answer questions between meetings as well.  I offer additional prenatal consultations for a la carte prices if you want even more prenatal support (nutritional counseling, education about pregnancy testing and interventions, learning how to listen to your own baby with a fetoscope and feel for position, etc).  

Labor Support 

I am on call for you from 37 weeks until your baby is born.  I will meet you at your home when you invite me over in labor, and will stay with you through the first hours after your baby has been born.  A montrice is perfect for those who want to stay at home until a specific point in labor.  I am able to do cervical checks, monitor the baby's heart beat, and assess mom's vitals at your request.  

Postpartum Support

We'll have two meetings after the birth, typically within the first two weeks postpartum.  I'm able to help with breastfeeding, talk through your birth experience, or just give your house a quick sprucing, depending on your needs.  

My fee for monitrice services is $1200