My Mission 

I believe that changing the way we do pregnancy and birth has the potential to truly change the world! When pregnant people have more knowledge about the birth process, they can make clearer and more intentional choices.  They can be empowered in their pregnancy and birth experiences and start parenting journey with a sense of confidence.  It is my job as a midwife to hold the space for women as they navigate their own pregnancies, serving them as a guide and a support when called on.  

I believe that based on the best available evidence, home should be the default choice of birth location for most people.  I also respect and understand that there are times and reasons that families choose to birth in the hospital.  In any case, I believe, and the science shows, that the more undisturbed a labor is, the safer it is. Therefore we should question all interventions, practices and birth traditions.  Our baseline should be unhindered, normal birth.  

I am here to support you as you navigate these choices - whether you take a class with me, attend one of our Midwifery for the People clinics, or ask that I walk with you through the whole of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences.