Client Area

Here are some of my most used forms for clients or families who are considering hiring me.  

Explanation of Services

This is a 6 page document that outlines my training, my philosophy, my practices as a midwife, and what I expect of my clients. 

Feature 1Explanation of Services

Indie Birth Application

This is a simple 1 page document that all my clients sign in order to become members of the Indie Birth Association, which is the private membership association that I operate under.  I can send you the full contract on request, and will have a copy along at our first visit. 

Feature 2

Financial Agreement

This is my financial agreement that I use for home birth clients.  I use a sliding scale model and I outline how that looks.

Resources and Further Reading (under construction!)


Nutrition and Recipes





Morning Sickness


Vaginal Health

GBS (Group Beta Strep)


Gestational Diabetes






VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)





Hearing Screen

Vitamin K


Newborn Screen

CCHD Screen