The 5 week Holistic Birth class is a co-creation through Indie Birth that was put together (at first) for our home birth clients, and has expanded into an offering for clients and non-clients, local families and women as far away as Australia (in our online version!).

This isn't a typical birth preparation class where the focus is on labor basics and coping methods. We dive deep into how birth REALLY works when we leave it alone, how we can create the ideal scenario for birth to unfold, and dismantle myths about birth that create unnecessary fear.  We also talk about the larger implications of birth and how it impacts our postpartum experiences, our experiences as mothers, and our communities (and species!).  I want you to leave feeling like you understand the process, are confident in your body and your baby's ability to birth, and ready for the birth you want.  

The five weeks include:

  • Week 1: Empowered Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

  • Week 2: "Undisturbed Birth" and What Makes Labor "Work"

  • Week 3: Rethinking the Stages of Labor + Labor and Birth Physiology

  • Week 4: Navigating the Journey Through Labor + Coping Philosophies

  • Week 5: (And Perhaps the Most Important..) Life in the Postpartum – The Fourth Trimester

Duluth Midwife offers this locally and elsewhere in northern MN on request. Classes run about 2.5 hours each for a total of about 13 hours of class time.  It also includes an extensive 60+ page workbook and access to our members only forum.

Cost is $150 for local classes