This is a collection of my writings that I've done over at Indie Birth as well as musings about other resources and events.  I've featured a few of my favorite resources of mine, but encourage you to look around or contact me if you're looking for something specific! The most current blog posts will be listed underneath the featured posts, and to stay up to date with all things Duluth Midwife, go like the Facebook page here


Revolutionizing the Way We Think About Weight

"What I’m saying is this: You are not a number of pounds, you are not meat to be weighed, you are not a BMI. You are a unique human whose daily nourishment practices are much more important to your health than the mainstream’s oversimplified, ignorant ideas about a number on a scale. Health does not come in one shape or size, and you are the only who can ultimately determine if you are feeling vibrant and healthy."


What’s a “midwife” to do? - Roles and responsibilities

"What does a midwife do? What is the role of a midwife within the vision I hold of healthy, vibrant, empowered communities? I’ve been trying to answer this question succinctly and clearly in my brain for a few weeks now, as I feel myself getting pulled into discussions (and sometimes arguments) over the topic more frequently. This post is as clear and succinct as I've gotten so far."


Early Parenting is Hard - Ideas for Support

"I can only explain the months of reading about putting a baby down “drowsy but awake” as philosophically mind bending. I LITERALLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS WOULD HAPPEN, and that is because I do NOT have that baby. I remember reading through my personalized sleep plan and feeling a similar feeling to when I tried to not have weird arms in ballet class..."