More and more, science is proving what traditional midwives have long known and understood.  There IS a blueprint for optimal labor and birth, and you may already intuitively know what it entails (or you will after taking one of my workshops!).  You want to feel comfortable, safe, respected and honored for the work of bringing a baby to Earth!  You want your baby to be welcomed gently into the word, perhaps by your own or your partner's hands, and you want to hold your baby skin to skin as you get to know each other in the early minutes and hours after birth. You want to be treated with reverence, and you want your birth space to be held as sacred. You want loving support and an experienced guide. These are you and your baby's birth rights.  I would be honored if you chose me to walk with you on this path.

- Margo (Duluth Midwife)


"Meeting Margo was the best thing to happen to me
throughout my entire pregnancy." 
- Jeanne S


A longish video all about home birth for people new to the concept.


I do tons of events, classes, workshops and get togethers each year, and my most updated information can be found on Facebook here.


Margo was present with me for the birth of my first child.  I could not have asked for more soulful, loving, empowering and excellent guidance and care getting ready for birth.  She is smart, well studied, passionate and one of the kindest people I know.  I also love her honesty and sense of humor but those are just a bonus...Margo was with me during a very long labor period.  I will never forget her love and attention.  Everyone should have that kind of presence available to them!  I felt so safe and held in moments when I had to let go.  She was there.  Never does my sons birthday pass when I don't think of Margo and the angel that she was to me at the time of my greatest need for support.  You could not make a better choice of a wise woman to assist and support you in birth.
- Magnolia C
During the birth, Margo was incredibly patient even when I was feeling stuck. She never tried to “fix” it for me - she reassured me that I could do it without trying to tell me how, and my experience was so empowering as a result. In labor, I gained confidence from being with another woman who gets it, and Margo GETS IT. After my baby was born, she was insistent (in a good way) about having great nutrition, plenty of rest, and honoring the sacred postpartum time. Margo is exceptional at finding information, being inquisitive and always wanting to get her clients the best information possible. You won’t regret hiring her to be your midwife.
- Vanessa
I can’t say enough good things about the care we received from Margo. She went above and beyond in showing me how to be involved in my care. We always spent plenty of time talking about both the physiological changes I was experiencing as well as day to day feelings. Our trust and communication with her made for a positive birth experience!
- Ashley Dietz

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I offer a wide variety of packages and a la carte options to suit your needs, from pre-conception through the postpartum, as well as both in person and distance consults.

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My classes are in depth, honest, fun and inspiring.  They are for people who want more than the basics, and don't mind questioning everything we learn about birth in our culture.

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Indie Birth

Over at Indie Birth I develop new resources, work on the Indie Birth Midwifery Conference and Co-Direct the brand new Indie Birth Midwifery School with my dear friend Maryn

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I would love to hear from you!  I want to be a "community midwife" in the truest sense of the word, so even if you aren't my client, and don't intend to be, I am here to support you wherever you are at on your fertility, pregnancy, birth or postpartum journey.  I am happy to do one time consults to get a second opinion, give support to those experiencing miscarriage and loss, or do private birth preparation for people planning any type of birth.  In other words, I am flexible and hope to be a resource for you, so please let me know how I can be of service.

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